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Leading countries supporting startups

Top class startup ecosystem is the backbone of countries progress, after defense, infrastructure, education and basic facilities to its citizens, the working for providing a good ecosystem to the budding startups is the single most important and futuristic investment of governments across the world. 

Providing the startup ecosystem, monitoring its progress, the momentum and trends, and supporting the agencies working towards its success is main focus of some of the leading countries globally. Here we are discussing few of the key points published in startupblink  ( regarding the global efforts and standings of the countries in supporting startup.

As per Startupblink, any robust and serious startup ecosystem does not only contain startups, but also needs to have the supporting organizations that provide resources, networking, and access to capital.  

 Among the elements they took into account for the calculation of the Quantity score are: 

 Number of Startups 

 Number of Coworking Spaces 

 Number of Accelerators 

 Number of Startup related Meetups 

Some of this data is supplemented from our Global Data Partners, mainly from Crunchbase, Meetup, and Coworker.

They also considered the number of socio economic factors directly impacting a business in general and a startup specifically like:

 Diversity index 

 Internet speed 

 Internet freedom 

 R&D investment 

  Availability of various technological services (payment portals, ride-sharing apps,

 Number of patents per capita 

 Level of English proficiency 

 Top universities per location

Top Countries supporting startup

United States of America tops the list followed by Israel at the second slot followed by Canada at third and Belgium at the fourth place. India has emerged at 19th position in this list that is highly welcoming. UAE At number 27th position is the first country from the Middle East apart from Israel whereas Brazil at 26th position is the first from the Latin America. South Africa is the only African country in the list of top 50 to appear at number 49 whereas Bahrain, Egypt and Morocco finds themselves spot among top 100.

Russia dropped massive 12 spots to settle at 29th position, none other than the continuing war and internal crisis played a major role in this deep decline. Both Georgia and Mongolia in the growing Central Asian region have increased 7 spots to rank 73rd and 81st respectively. The good news for central Asia does not end there, as Kyrgyzstan makes its debut in the index at 100th.


Regional Analysis Key Insights 

The regional analysis section of the report published by statupblink talks about the trends at the regional level. 

 North America is once again the most successful region, with a high presence of cities in all top tiers and generally positive momentum from both United States and Canadian cities. 

 Europe has had another interesting year. It has the highest number of countries and cities in the rankings, but many of them, especially in Eastern and Central Europe, have experienced negative momentum. 

 The results documented in the Asia Pacific region were largely positive, as most of the top ranked countries and cities increased their rankings. The main concern is the surprising negative momentum in Asia’s most powerful ecosystem, China. 

 As for Latin America, the trend is mostly positive. The top Latin American cities have substantially increased in rank, solidifying their positions as substantial hubs of regional and global innovation. 

However, the Latin American tech scene has become much more centralized; while top cities increase in their rankings, 22 cities dropped out of the Index this year. This leaves the region with only 60 cities in the Index.  The results in Africa and the Middle East were less positive, as the number of cities representing the region decreased to 57, compared to 74 cities last year. Africa, however, managed to get one city, Lagos, into the global top 100, making it the only African city to ever reach this rank.

Top Cities supporting startup


San Fransisco Bay tops the list again as the global best startup ecosystem providing the best facilities and surroundings for the startup to grow and succeed. It is closely followed by New York at number 2 position and then London driving in fast at number 3 followed by Los Angeles and Boston at number 4 and 5 respectively. Beijing is the first Asian city at rank 6 and Shanghai at number 7 followed by Indian IT Hub, Bangalore at global number 8 followed by Tel Aviv at 9 and Paris at 10th spot. New Delhi at 13 and Mumbai at 18 are other Indian cities in top 20. Apart from Mumbai, Pune is the other city in the Maharashtra region to get its rank in top 100, sitting at 90th position in the global list whereas Hyderabad secured 97th position overall and showcase the power of Telangana region in giving startups to the country. Chennai is at 102 place and is slowly inching towards securing its spot among top 100 cities globally, thanks to new policies of the Tamil Nadu government supporting startups and promoting fair policy implementation.


TN despite being the number 1 state in terms of industries failed to produce startups.

Tokyo in Japan, Singapore, Seol in South Korea, Jakarta in Indonesia, Tiepie in Vietnam and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia are the other cities in this region.

Sydney at  38th position and Melbourne at 42nd position are two entrants from Australia in the top 100 list.

Regional Deep dive

North American region, only two countries of USA and Canada is dominating the global ranking table both in terms of best opportunities and huge funds allotment.

Comparing the cities and funds available to them shows a truly remarkable picture on how the best of startups can pop up with good financial support system and ease of doing business initiatives.

North American region has 30% of top 1000 cities but the total funds this region is receiving is whopping 52% of the global fund used to support the startups.

Similarly, Asia – Pacific region has 16% cities receiving 24% funding, on the contrary.

European region has 38% cities but they receive only 18% of the funding.

Latin American and Carribean countries have 8% cities but receive only 3% of the funds.

whereas the Middle east and Africa has 7% of cities but receive only 2.5% of the funds.

Most importantly, for Asia Pacific region 57% of the total funding goes to Chinese Startups and for Middle east and African region 69% of the total funding goes to only Israeli startups.

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