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The term Incubation came from the breeding process of birds, after laying the eggs in good number the bird temporarily become infertile and stop laying more eggs, the natural process is to produce more birds for survival of the race and therefore the birds sits on the eggs to provide them warmth and care for a certain period of time to hatch and produce more birds.

This process involves a lot of care and protection, the birds seldom move away from the eggs during incubation process and maintains required ambient conditions to facilitate least egg loss and increase fertility to max.

Incubation process in business

Modern days startups are coming out from the new breed of entrepreneurs, unlike in the past when the business families were the actual risk takers and more than 95% of the new ventures were coming from these business class families, the trend has changed, with the advent of technology and huge expansion of the business domains, the technology has connected the remotest of the customer to the world and has empowered the smallest and youngest of the business to reach him, this worked in favor of the economy and encouraged more and more non-business background youths towards launching their own startup and realize their dreams.  

More ventures leads to growing economy, more jobs, more money flow in the market and prosperity, but this is a serious and a tiresome process and if not taken care of very well, can fall flat. 

More than 90% businesses fail and shuts down within their first three years of operations, they lack the primary management skills, at times their funds dried and often they hesitate to pivot or change the course from the original plan. It is very important to get an expert’s advise to sustain these first three years in the business because if these passes the challenges reduces drastically and the life returns to normal.

The Idea behind the modern days Incubation centers is to provide the necessary feedback, advice and suggestions as well as an environment to these young entrepreneurs to feel connected and secured. The incubation centers are setup to enhance the capabilities of these youths and at the same time improve the possibilities of success of their startups and ideas many fold which otherwise is difficult due to lack of guidance and environment.


The first job of an Incubation Center is to infuse a lot of positive energy in the aspiring entrepreneurs, because the environment otherwise if puling them back and at times even the families are not aligned with the vision and find the youth in distress creating a vicious cycle of pull back.


At Incubation centers, apart from providing them the safe and peaceful coworking environment, reserved desks and shared services like, meeting rooms, conference halls, printers, library, projectors, plug points, stationery, telephone and wifi etc. they also make sure that the incumbents get the desired knowledge and expertise through frequent discussions from the visitors from the industry and academicians on various topics related to consumer, market, competition, available finances, funds and national as well as international demand for their product or services.

Tension free expansion

The initial few years of the business are full of excitement and collaboration, the expansion in the teams and facilities is something that is inevitable, while working at a standalone office or independent location the smallest of expansion could turn out to be a costly affair, cramped seating spaces pulls down the morale and efficiencies’ of the team and more than required space hits on the budget. The Incubation centers provide a simplest of solution to all these problems, expand when you need and reduce if you feel, it is in your full control and that too at marginal costs and no overseeing burden.

Polaris Incubation center

Under Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust the third program is for the college students and this is in direct relation to the vision of the PM Mr. Modi for having more and more start-ups. Polaris Trust has set up an Incubation center, PIC (Abbreviation for Polaris Incubation Centre) the vision of this program is

“A start-up in every college by acting as a launch pad to take the start-up and early-stage ideas from the schools and colleges to the real world”.

With a mission

to nurture the ideas in young minds in small and underserved towns and turn them into shining stars in the business world by helping them accelerate by seed and incubate.

PIC runs a business accelerator program to help the students develop their ideas into actual business, help industry matchmaking and raise seed funds locally. They have developed

 plans and milestones to evaluate program and collaborated with industry leaders for support and guidance. This signature program supports the goal of understanding entrepreneurship and diversifying engagement with a focus on underrepresented to participate and excel.

PIC is partnering with small and private colleges to set up students clubs, College Innovation councils (CIC), setting up stage for them through idea competitions, organizing events, panel discussions, critical analysis, pitch deck preparation, cost and budget modelling, guest lectures, and workshops and soon will also run a week long start-up boot camp with all participating colleges who are aligned with the vision and are partnered under MOU.

One of its kind incubation center serving the tier 2 and tier 3 towns and small and regional colleges in U.P. and U.K.

Our focus is to 

• Providing long-term handholding and mentorship support to incubator managers

• Enhancing capacities of incubators, especially across emerging cities

• Providing better infrastructure for entrepreneurs to grow

We are aligning with the government, both state and center, to indulge and take along the activities envisaged under startup India mission through Incubation centers at the district level. We are well equipped to handhold the ideas and teams to reach their dreams and have setup a plan to organize the mentioned events and activities to support the idea at every level.

1. Our colleges will participate in UP Government’s Startup Express:  The colleges participating in the program shall be required to establish an incubator/E-Cell within the campus and for that we will provide them with the necessary tools and guidance as a partner and nodal agency, these college can be nominated to participate in the program only after establishing the incubation council within the campus.

2. Our colleges will also take part in Startup Mela: Startups selected during the Startup Express event shall be invited to present their ideas to the jury members of Startup Mela. The winners of the program shall be given various financial/non-financial rewards such as subsidized incubation support, sustenance allowance, Marketing Assistance etc. at the sole discretion of Nodal Agency. PIC is going to help the colleges and its students get through.

3. We will also guide the students for participating in the Government’s Hackathons: These hackathons will be organized to identify innovative technological solutions from participants across India/ abroad. The top three shortlisted ideas shall be rewarded in the form of incubation support, funding, mentoring etc.

4. For the schools PIC is going to mentor and motivate the students to participate in Junior Ideathon: This will be a district level competitions for innovative ideas for the student groups from 8th to 12th standards shall be rewarded with a maximum amount of INR 25,000 per idea to the Idea team
upto 50 ideas per year by the UP Government.

5. PIC will also organize Boot Camps in the colleges: These Boot camps shall be organized at the colleges/universities signing an MOU with PIC to foster the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the campuses.

Get along with PIC to take the advantage of being with expert, on your side.

Polaris is running one of the best Incubation center in India imparting trainings and workshops on skillset enhancement to youth. Polaris work on startup ideas, the ideas those are innovative and can be developed into a real business. We work closely with young entrepreneurs while they are in their college and train them on entrepreneurship skills and motivate them to join the vision of new India with their own startups. 

We also helps in

Consultation to lay out the roadmap for new enterprise formation.

Commercial feasibility analysis report from IT, Retail, Aviation, Supply chain and education programs.

Connection with university resources.

Professional services helping talent management, certifications, documentations, registrations, Marketing, branding, PR etc.

Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust the parent body of Polaris Academy of Excellence and Polaris Incubation Center is running one of its kind SAT classes for USA college admissions in Graduation. Polaris Incubation Center is the best incubation center in Aligarh, we are working closely with small and regional colleges to provide them the best business incubator in Aligarh. At Polaris Incubator, we work on startup ideas, the ideas those are innovative and can be developed into a real business. We work closely with young entrepreneurs while they are in their college and train them on entrepreneurship skills and motivate them to join the vision of new India with their own startups.  . PAE Stack is employability and entrepreneurship development programs run by Polaris within the colleges as well as outside to make the youth of the region more employable and better placed for entrepreneurship ventures. For more details and information about the programs run by us for schools, colleges and communities please get in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter.