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With fast paced life and major shift in societal values the urban slum dwellers are finding it even more difficult to sustain and survive, first due to more and more migration from the rural areas sharing the limited resources with the existing infrastructure, then due to further deterioration existing facilities, to help them and survive is the reason why Polaris Trust is continually working in these areas and helping them with small initiatives at the grass root level.

Urban slums are expanding rapidly

Slums in all cities are gradually growing across the world, with more than half of world’s population now living in the urban areas, these urban localities without proper facilities are emerging as the place for the underprivileged to live, especially in the developing countries where they are living in even worst conditions, no hygiene, sanitation, food and shelter.

Who is a slum dweller?

According to the United Nations, durable walls with secured lease or title of the property, adequate living space and access to safe drinking water and toilets are the conditions that differentiate between a city dweller and a slum dweller. 

How Polaris Trust connect with them and support

We at Polaris understands the people living in these areas and are helping them get into mainstream by providing with with basic amenities, helping in organizing funds for their emergencies, food and clothing during tough times and winters and mainly work with them on their documents to be proper so that they stay well connected with the various government schemes and benefits.

Connection with the mainstream opens up the benefits

If they have proper documentation, their Adhaar card in place, bank account opened, Adhaar linked with bank, they know to use the ATM card, have updated and correct ration card, domicile certificates, birth and death certificates etc. they are entitled to various benefits under large number of government run schemes for poor. 

We are just educating them by organizing camps in these areas, our volunteers tell them about these benefits and empower them to get those.

Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust the parent body of Polaris Academy of Excellence and Polaris Incubation Center is running one of its kind SAT classes for USA college admissions in Graduation. Polaris Incubation Center is the best incubation center in Aligarh, we are working closely with small and regional colleges to provide them the best business incubator in Aligarh. At Polaris Incubator, we work on startup ideas, the ideas those are innovative and can be developed into a real business. We work closely with young entrepreneurs while they are in their college and train them on entrepreneurship skills and motivate them to join the vision of new India with their own startups.  . PAE Stack is employability and entrepreneurship development programs run by Polaris within the colleges as well as outside to make the youth of the region more employable and better placed for entrepreneurship ventures. For more details and information about the programs run by us for schools, colleges and communities please get in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter.