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New age courses Vs traditional degree programs!

The future of education lies in the New Education Policy (NEP)

Education Ministry has been allocated Rs 1,12,899.47 cr — up by 8% from last yr — and FM has announced launch of PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana 4.0 to skill lakhs of youth within next 3 yrs.

The Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship has received a total budget of Rs 3,517.31 crore — up from last year’s Rs 2,999 crore. The PMKVY scheme will be implemented by the ministry of skill development.

Of the total Rs 3,517.31 crore, the majority — Rs 2,278.37 crore — has been allocated to the Skill India program. Even as the PMKVY 4.0 has been announced in this year’s budget, no allocation has been made for the same so far.

There is a good YOY increase in the budget allocation into education sector especially for innovation, technology, skill development for futuristic job opportunities and entrepreneurship oriented programs to put the youth on their self development path. 

The government has made it clear that the need for reforms in education was ever needed, better late than never, the old age BA, BSc, BCom are soon to be replaced by the new age, industry linked, job oriented, vocational degree programs and we have already witnessed the craze of these courses among the students especially those who are actively looking for job after class XII.

Government of India has open all gates to support modern education!

 Under the new education policy 2020, the honorable government in India has finally put on the full throttle to take the education standards of the country to the next level. The focus has clearly been shifted from traditional education to modern and new age courses, fields, methods and mindset. 

From 3-6 months certificate courses, 1 year diploma, 2 year advance diploma, 3 years vocational degree and 4 years hons degree ,the student will feel comfortable to break and rejoin the studies due to any reason and enhance his education level from where he left. This was something we were never allowed in India and there are a lot of promising youths who due to family situations dropped out of college in 2nd or 3rd year and missed their degree. They are still called ’12th pass’ only and after certain time period they are not even allowed to join back and complete their degree, their 2 years in college goes waste, no certificate, diploma or anything. 

This is a boon, thanks to this new education policy.

Prime minister Mr. Modi has made it clear that the new India will equip itself with the latest trends and technologies, leaving behind the legacy of the courses and curriculum of 1960s. Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Mechatronics, Internet of Things, 3D printing and other new age technologies will be adopted way ahead of the rest of the world, work has started on infrastructure development, mindset development and teacher’s development to carry this burden and prepare the youth for the next level of sharpness that can help them excel in these new fields of science and technology.

Upgrade yourself with a host of new career options, add on courses and certifications to stay upbeat and zoom ahead!