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Startup Management Consulting

Ideais easiest the part, because it is said that the idea comes to thousands of minds at the same time; The idea is like the drops of rain left on the twigs after the rain stops, all the trees affected by the rainfall will have these tiny little drops as leftover of the rainfall, reminding us for sometime that the rain happened. 

The idea process starts from the shift in the pattern, policy change, new development, geographical shifts, or due to an existing problem. All the people influenced by the above-mentioned factors have equal chances of getting the idea to improve on the existing condition, utilize the situation for the betterment of society or profitability or grab the opportunity thereby created in the form of a problem.

Everyone is influenced by the change as mentioned above but very few possesses a keen eye for details, an analytical bent of mind or a simple business-oriented mindset and these ones view the opportunity in any adversity and can transform that opportunity into a business.

The real journey begins after the idea

The budding startups were all emerged as an idea to in the beginning, eventually grows into a startup through the process of shifts, turns, switches, cuts and edits, tough decisions, sleepless nights and sheer hard work. Unless these were put in, the idea would have settled in the backyard of the mind where there are already 100s of more are sleeping.

It was the first step to transform the idea into the business, beginning of the tiring journey towards unknown territory with determination that started working out well by strategic planning, budgeting, setting timelines, performing on the ups and downs and finally shaping the idea to be ready to face the market.

This entire process happens in coffee shops, canteens, college lawns and other hanging out places where the young entrepreneurs raise their expectations to leave dream of a the routine life behind and set goals to achieve. With the emergence of Unicorns in the global scene from these well worked out yet small ideas, the government is now seriously looking to push the entire process and for that has already took several steps to boost the startup ecosystem.

Setting up and supporting Incubation centers is part of that strategy because the incubation centers are well equipped to support the early stage startups in their ideation to launch phases, the activity which is normally not possible for the big consulting firms to handle in the remotest areas of the country. This makes the new breed on consulting specialized into startup domain, catering to the much simpler needs of a startup in its early stages.

Traditionally the Consulting firms offers profitability, productivity and efficiencies through business process management but the startup consulting firms and incubators are more focused on the support system management for the startup so that the entrepreneur works on his idea and put his best foot forward. The startup consulting firms are tracking the trajectory of the startup and keep an eye on the timelines for turns, pivots and big moves to prepare the support system well in advance so that the startup find it there when they need it.

Startup consulting also involves processing of various necessary documents and certifications, approvals and registrations, compliances and regulations required by the startup at the project time scale. Whereas traditionally the consultant give recommendations and suggestions to take or leave.

Never overrun your Doctor, Architect, Lawyer, CA and Consultant because you have a problem and they have a solution.

Knowledge transfer is part of the game but unlike the conventional consulting firms where they have a large pool of domain experts from varied industries, a startup consultant is busy in arranging the knowledge from various sources because usually they are comparatively small in size, don’t have a large manpower base from every industry to support every startup.

These small incubators are partnering with renowned educational institutes and universities, with experts from the industries and from the teams of the top corporates and government agencies to bring in the knowledge for these startups in the form of guest lectures on general or specific topic, workshops and seminars to help the entrepreneurs learn by doing and getting verified by the experts, organizing events to showcase the ideas to the corporate big shots to vet and support. They are also keeping a diversified resourceful team to help in generally all the key aspects in the development of an idea and functioning of a startup.

Big consulting companies offer support in business transformation, problem solving, reengineering and so on whereas the startup consultants works on the development from the scratch, formulating the strategies, pivoting the idea, challenging and thereby improving the methodologies, processes, strategies and offerings.

The job of consultant in a well established firm is also to take over a specific process, partially or completely, and do that as a support team getting the organization focus on its main function, offering, market and customer whereas the startup consulting is more about saving the initial cost of the startup by providing them with the office space, internet, shared equipment, meeting rooms, tea and coffee tables and neat and clean peaceful working conditions for them to focus. They normally intervene only if required and recommended by the experts in finance, marketing, branding, value prepositioning, HR, IT or the entrepreneur himself. 

They intervene in the form of guidance and training not in the form of recommendations and mandate.

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