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About us

Fueling Indian dream through Innovative minds from campuses

Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust was formed by enthusiastic social activists in year 2021 to support the society in three key pressing realms. Education and awareness was chosen to be the center of all the activities and kids, youth and communities were targeted in a very unique way as the mission. 

1st. Thrust area: Secondary Education

Target: Schools

Milestone: Selection in the top colleges in the USA for free

Kids are to be prepared for the top class education in India as well as abroad and for that they must be prepared well in globally accepted language, science and analytics. They should start expressing themselves through writing and creating something on their own in the fields of Science, Literature and Analytics.

Then the best among them to be selected for SAT exam preparation, our target is to make sure that we send 4-5 students for graduation to the USA every year for 100% merit cum need based scholarships available for international bright students. The other students to be prepared for various competitive exams in India.

2nd Thrust area: Startups

Targets: Schools and Colleges

Milestone: Vision of “A startup in every college”

The Youth, right from their school and college years develop a habit of thinking beyond the normal, they should become more business oriented and less job oriented, they innovate, discuss ideas and share plans to shape the nation. 

We setup one of its kind Incubation center in Aligarh catering to the needs of underserved regional and small private colleges and bringing out the best of talent from these colleges to develop their ideas into real businesses.

We are poised to organize Junior Ideathon in schools for kids in class 9-12 to engage in developing business models.

We are also going to organize technology Hackathons in colleges in this area to bring out the best of talent on the same platform, facilitate them, seed them and encourage them to develop their ideas into business.

We are also engaging the industry experts to support the workshops and activities week being organized by us for these colleges and universities and get the ball rolling through the startup bootcamp very soon.

Polaris is running one of the best Incubation center in India and we work on startup ideas, the ideas those are innovative and can be developed into a real business. We work closely with young entrepreneurs while they are in their college and train them on entrepreneurship skills and motivate them to join the vision of new India with their own startups. 

3rd Thrust area: Communities and Documentation

Target: Urban slums

Milestone: Spreading awareness about the scholarships, pensions and other government schemes available for the poor and marginalized communities.

We are organizing documents camps for Adhaar updates, Voter card, Pension cards and also run camps for bringing awareness to the masses about the good work being done by the government and how they can be benefitted with that.

India is an emerging economy and with the vision of our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Modi of transforming the youth from a job oriented mind-set, right from their college days to a business oriented, evolved mind-set and push themselves to set up enterprises in various fields, these enterprises will propel the nation to realize its dreams.

Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust, highly inspired by the vision of our PM and its nationwide success, is picking up the baton to take it further to support the vision and trying to contribute at the grass root level.

Polaris is committed to empower citizens.

The idea of Polaris working in realm of education arises from
1. The large number of class XII students focusing primarily into two fields, engineering and medicine. We feel that few among these can even get admissions in the top universities in the USA. They need to command English, Write SAT Exam and fly to the best universities in the USA and if not able to get to the USA will be so well equipped with language and analytics tools to crack various UPSC and other exams in India.
2. Large number of highly talented youth struggling to find options after college, we support our PMs vision of startups after college. We are focussing on underserved tier II and III towns and grooming the youth to raise enterprises after college, leave job oriented mindset and evolve.
3. Large number of people living in nearby marginalised communities are not aware of the power of their being a citizen of India, their necessary documents and benefits associated to these. We are trying to raise their awareness, get them their documents helping them receive the benefits associated with citizenship.

We are partners in emerging India's story.

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Polaris being right in the heart of Aligarh Defence Corridor, and two universities, strongly believes that the entire region and its colleges are to be well equipped to produce the best talent.

"We are working on cross campus collaboration, as a mentor and monitor, we can help bring capabilities from different colleges on the same platform to shape it into a complete unit, a perfect ingredient for a successful entrepreneurship venture."

--Bakhtiyar Khan
Program Director at Polaris
Bakhtiyar Khan Program Director at Polaris

Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust is running one of its kind SAT classes for USA college admissions in Graduation. Polaris Incubation Center is the best incubation center in Aligarh, we are working closely with small and regional colleges to provide them the best business incubator in Aligarh. For more details and information about the programs run by us for schools, colleges and communities please get in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter.