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Government jobs or Private Job Vs a Startup

Job Sectors


-Less then 1% selection ratio
-Engineers: 20%
-Chartered Accountants: 12%
-Healthcare: 75%

Private: upto 10%

All yours
Humungous possibilities
Fulfilling life
Impactful deliveries
Empathetic living

Is the competition stable in government jobs?

In the last 10 years, awareness about the governmental exams has increased and at the same time the avenues and resources to get equipped with education has increased many fold due to this rise in the internet connectivity and accessibility to the cheaper data plans.


The number of jobs in the government sector has declined because the government is getting in the developmental mode where the government will focus more on the economic development of the country, stability, defense and good governance whereas the professional are getting handover of all the government's commercial activities generating revenue. Majority sectors are getting handed over to the private sector for better management, improved services and structured revenue in the form of taxes.

Private sectors being more effective and efficient in training, managing resources and delivering services, privatization of the government's commercial activities is going to help the country in the long run and therefore the government is very clear in privatization of most of the public services except the critical ones.

Normally in government jobs, there are over a million job applications, but even upto 30%-50% are often found absent on the the exam date, on an average 30% of the aspirants are really serious, preparing for the exam and appear in all.

In India around 94% services are in the unorganized sector, almost 50 crore people are employed workers out of this 40-45% are in agriculture sector, 26% are in manufacturing sector and 30-35% are in the services from the high skilled doctors, architects and CAs to barber, cobbler and hawkers.

only 6% people are employed in the "jobs" be it government, state or privately held companies, means organized sector.

'Permanent Job Security' trap!

The permanent job is something that has done more worst than good to the overall development of the country. There are a few exceptions to it like being a doctor in the government hospital, government lawyer in the courts of law, and learned professors and researchers in the various government departments working on the projects of importance (defense, scientific research, healthcare, astrophysics, space programs, national security, food security to name a few) but other sectors bringing in the same security and benefits like the mentioned above often leads to lethargy, incompetence, poor performance and unnecessary office politics, groupings and mismanagement that eventually brings in corruption and financial losses to the government.

The government has taken this pretty seriously and is working on the performance linked and result oriented approaches to improve productivity and reduce delivery time and corruption. Most of the governmental commercial establishments of the old age (that was the need of the hour then, we got freed from the Britishers and needed stable and sustainable growth) but that phase is passed out and we entered into the new age, the new India needs more robust structures, more hard working workforce and more ambitious youth to take this country to a new height.government job trap

The bigger problem is how coaching institutes pitch the idea of this job security to students, they mint money in teaching thousands in their multiple branches and the results are published to woo more to fill the seats of the next year batch and the cycle goes on, but in reality only a handful are selected for these prestigious positions and rest are anyways going back to square one.
The problem of “The need for job security” is even bigger in the small towns a there are very few avenues for them to get a job in their own town in the private sector as there are really a few available, and they believes that only government jobs ensure security in life.  With as low as 0,1% chance of getting selected in exams like UPSC and Bank PO, the entire mechanism of government jobs is a zero-sum game, the one who qualifies wins the rat race and the rest have to start their journey all again.

This is a flawed concept, it is far from the reality, no where in the world you can see this madness about the government jobs that youth are often found preparing and appearing in the various exams for 6-8 or even 10 years. 

The above mentioned process, madness and craze of getting a ‘job security’ is the biggest trap for the youth to fall in, it is no different from dreaming of becoming Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachhan (and Madhuri Dixit for ladies) and heading to Mumbai just because people appreciate my smartness, fashion, dressing or acting in my town.

Progress comes after building upon small failures

The time has come that we start realizing this and understand how the rest of the world works, how all the great nations, the superpowers and industrial and economic powerhouses works and how their youth thinks. Loosing 8-10 years for simply preparing for a government job is the worst thing to do.

If the stakes are high the attempts can be put, for example, according to report, for civil services, the most prestigious of the government jobs, more could be the efforts, but still loosing 5 or more of your precious years in quest for unknown is something pushing yourself behind, creating much tougher competition for you in the job world otherwise, it also brings in a pain and resentment for few.

The youth can explore the passion within and attach himself to a learning process that supplements his/her passion, if someone is interested into creativity, technology or business, he must start investing his time in learning those skills, the size of town can never hold the passionate and skillful youth.

Innovate Ideate Incubate

Ageless passion

One of the biggest motivation for setting up a startup is that there is no age limit, no entry bar on age no exit on age, if it succeed you will get something for life else it can reward you with something that may not last your entire life.

Minimum return is the maximum job security that too for life.

Successful startup promoters are now living an ultra luxurious live their collegemates can only dream of.

The beginnings may be tough, but so are the ones at the best of the jobs in the world, you, being fresh out of college are supposed to learn everything required to do a specific job. There are tough times, late schedules, pressure and work load but the only motivation is the salary coming on time whereas in a startup you learn at least 10X more than a regular job simply because you are working right from the cleaner to the CEO all by yourself.

You are learning new skills everyday in multiple domains and areas of business which are not possible in a regular job where you are supposed to learn only the skills required to successfully and efficiently complete the given gamut of activities or tasks.

You stays in the roller coaster for initial few years and gain the first-hand experience in the sector, market, customer choices and much more that can be used for life, even if you fail you walk out victorious because of these vast experiences in all areas of a business. This experience and pain that you take for pushing your boundaries is respected well in the corporate world and all of the top companies are keen to take you in as a proven entrepreneur, risk taker, outgoing and vivid personality, the traits normally not found in other aspirants appearing for a job interview along with you. 

In the nutshell, you have birds in both hands, if you succeed you win, if you fail in entrepreneurship and return to corporate you are respected and accepted as a warrior.

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