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Polaris Startup Labs: A platform for budding entrepreneurs to innovate.

Are you an undergraduate student enrolled in any college in Aligarh, Kasgunj, Khurja, Hathras or Mathura region? Are you interested in social entrepreneurship, Rural Development or any other business idea? If so, please apply for the Polaris Startup Labs Program and ask for Polaris Accelerator in June 202e in Aligarh at Polaris Incubation Center, where you will learn and develop entrepreneurial skills, rural landscape and avenues for push as well as technology. 

The Polaris Academy of Excellence’ Startup Labs (PAESL) is a multidisciplinary initiative of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, industry leaders, academicians and investors that promotes social entrepreneurship and business skills in the region. 

The PAESL is focusing on the small and underserved towns and targeting the regional and private colleges to look for the best talent for entrepreneurship development and supporting them setup, launch and raise their startup by nurturing and guiding their ideas from the early stages to the market.

The program will walk aspiring students from Raja Mahendra Pratap University and Aligarh Muslim University through all the steps of starting a successful social and other startup in a fast-paced 4-week curriculum developed by industry leaders associated with Polaris Incubation Center and is delivered by the top instructors, academicians and industry leaders who are helping many more students develop their skills and acumen to take on the challenging entrepreneurship arena. 

The curriculum includes, but is not limited to, generating an idea, brainstorming for the idea, identifying a market, defining a minimum viable product (MVP), developing a mobile app or software from the ground up, and designing a business model. The program will have a week long interaction and a week long workshop embedded within to shape the idea. The program will conclude with the live or demo presentation to the experts and investors pitch. 

In addition, the PAESL  will host networking events and initiatives to build a network of local investors, mentors, entrepreneurs, and developers centered in the region to help jump-start a startup ecosystem. Structure of the program is not a classroom, but it is a hands-on boot-camp where you will work in teams to develop and ultimately launch a startup. Gain access to mentorship, investors, contacts, and possible seed funding during demo days. 

IMPORTANT: This is an intensive 4-week course. Students must commit to attending every day  (~4pm – 8pm every day), with daily tasks and required exercises often assigned for the evening. The course will take place at the Polaris Academy campus in Civil Lines, Aligarh.  

•    Must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate course
•    Must currently live in and around Aligarh
•    English proficiency is a requirement 

Preference will be given to candidates who: 
•    Display an interest in entrepreneurship
•    Demonstrate team building, outgoing personality or business expertise

Additional details to note: 

Entrepreneurial skill development (Duration: 1.5 month, intensive 4 hours per day)

(Group program, 3-6 per group, total intake 30)

Course Objective: The course aims at

1.       Understanding entrepreneurial mindset.

2.       Getting to the roots of real world problem and understanding to convert the problem into business by finding and weaving solution.

3.       Roadmap to create Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

4.       Business model, operational model and financial model development for a new venture.

5.       Learning Marketing tools and techniques, customer service and retention.

6.       Forming a team, expanding and training. Complete team building walkthrough.

7.       Hands on understanding of venture creation

      On completion of this program, you might have your direction, your funds in hand from an investor or your business launched for the world. The sky is the limit.


Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust the parent body of Polaris Academy of Excellence and Polaris Incubation Center is running one of its kind SAT classes for USA college admissions in Graduation. Polaris Incubation Center is the best incubation center in Aligarh, we are working closely with small and regional colleges to provide them the best business incubator in Aligarh. At Polaris Incubator, we work on startup ideas, the ideas those are innovative and can be developed into a real business. We work closely with young entrepreneurs while they are in their college and train them on entrepreneurship skills and motivate them to join the vision of new India with their own startups.  . PAE Stack is employability and entrepreneurship development programs run by Polaris within the colleges as well as outside to make the youth of the region more employable and better placed for entrepreneurship ventures. For more details and information about the programs run by us for schools, colleges and communities please get in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter.