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From Idea to Launch: How businesses starts

Entrepreneurship journey starts from a dream, although there is no end point in this journey, but revenue is supposedly a halt to begin the next phase and the cycle goes on and on. The avenues may differ but the route more or less remains the same. The hardships, commitments, efforts and patience required to go through this tiring journey remains the same.

In this article we are mentioning the possible steps involved in the process from a dream to launch, these steps are non exhaustive and non compulsory, but likely hood off these coming across is high and most of the entrepreneurs we interviewed are more or less confirming these to be most likely ones.

The Process:

There is nothing right or wrong in this process, the events are mentioned in an order fit for one not for other but events will fall.

  1. Understanding the industry
  2. Exploring the need
  3. Hypothesis to idea
  4. Brainstorming and Critique
  5. Business Model
  6. Overhauling self
  7. Set things in place
  8. Checklist
  9. Prototype (MVP)
  10. Soft Launch
  11. Feedback
  12. Launch
Lets understand these one by one in the given article.
Route to launch

Understanding the Industry

   No alternate to the experience in the same industry but If you have no experience then research and understand by

i. Sector focused websites

ii. Research journals

iii. Online forums

iv. Trade publications

v. Conferences on the sector news

Observation and intuitions followed by research

Exploring the need

Create the need

Explore the need through i. Meeting Customers, consumers, sellers and manufacturers.

ii. Talk, ask and understand

iii. Engage and settle

iv. Reach the bottom and pick up the idea

Develop a hypothesis

Hypothesis to idea


Take a break, dream, think and relax

Work out the possible ways to solve the problem

Use white board to plot your thoughts

Personalize with the problem as a customer and empathize

Test hypothesis by talking to more customers

Develop 2-3 more alternative ideas around the same problem.



Wake up and start talking and collecting information.

Keep your focus on the idea

Organize brainstorming sessions with:

i. Select participants for brainstorming and discussing the idea

ii. List out your findings, problems and possible solutions coming out with the discussion

iii. Now again put the problem, and idea to the group and let them talk on the solution

iv. Focus the discussion on “How this idea may fail” do not bring in any new solution to the discussion at this stage.

v. Compile and finally talk about the alternative ways to solve the same problem.

Repeat the same process with the other 2-3 alternative ideas you developed in the last stage.

Try to record this session and take detailed notes of this entire discussion

Share this with the critique, they can improve it further, you may use ‘quora’ or other platforms as well.

Develop Business Model


Work out the idea and bring out the product or service that it talks.

Prepare the business model around it.

Prepare a cost and budget model as well.

Prepare cash flow and work flow charts.

Prepare Pitch deck

Vet the model with an expert, find some mentor from the industry to discuss.


Get ready: Overhaul yourself


Polish yourself well

Take cofounder (If not yet) and workout initial team

Keep open mindset and talk to parents, family and friends because it could be a really long journey and you will need support on the way.

Talk to your team and polish yourself and your team for:

i. Charisma

ii. Creativity

iii. High energy

iv. Tenacity

v. Stress management

vi. Criticism handling

vii. Handling failure.

Stay close to each other, commit yourself to the cause you are coming together for.

Set things in place


Start building the core team, you may need to start partnering with people who are going to help you initially.

Divide responsibilities, set targets and make policies.

Set common goals. 

Set priorities like:

i. Budget for family and business, congratulations if you have no liabilities and family to support.

ii. Workout dates and timelines

iii. Chalk down the insurance, loans and funding needs and timings

iv. Learn books and accounting

v. Understand taxes and compliances

Start working on prototype and set a soft launch


Soft Launch:

i. Space (Office, Plant)

ii. Machine procurement or outsourcing

iii. Licenses

iv. Resources

v. Contingencies

vi. Events and activities dates

vii. Find the first customer

Soft Launch and beyond



Alterations in the MVP

 garner funding support


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