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Top reasons to trust Polaris Incubation Center

Polaris Incubation Center is focusing on the underserved tier II and III towns and the colleges in these areas. We believe that the talent is abundant in these small towns, these just lacks exposure, being far from the metro cities and industrial towns they are not well connected to the industry and corporate, except for a limited number of guests visiting their campuses and one or two industry visits for their project or trainings.

We are active in the largest state of the country by population, Uttar Pradesh, and principally focusing on the districts within 200 kms from NCR but we receive enquiries from farther east districts of UP as well as from other states, the setup of our branch is on cards to serve these areas as well.

PIC makes sure that whichever college it picks for counselling and handholding, must produce at-least 10 startups in its first year of support and this is the reason why people prefer PIC over other Incubation centers. Secondly, PIC goes to the colleges while other Incubation centers asks students to visit them, this makes a huge difference in the acceptability and connect. Here we are talking about more such USPs that you can ensure with only PIC.


Best result per lot

We are committed to the idea of motivation and support as the building block of the thought process to start thinking business, the idea is with everyone, those who can explain and share are the ones who can also be motivated to learn the next step. We make sure that people opens up and start sharing their wildest ideas in the forum to be discussed among college students, form the pros and cons teams and hit with darts to check the feasibility way before the customer interview. The students get engaged in this activity and we find the speakers and leaders. 

Our target is to support the vision of new India, vibrant, self-sustained, technologically advanced and producing jobs at all levels through the initiatives of the government to support startups and putting the youth of the country on a growth trajectory.

We focus on individual development through group’s support, each one support one for mindset, skillset and motivation. We feel that the students learn the importance of trusting each other and offering help when needed, as a foundation of the team. 

—Krishnan Subramaniam

Best in class training team

For a student still in his early college years and coming from a service class background, it is quite a different world altogether. Business is Greek to him and the skillset part can be taught but the mindset and thought process is something that takes ages to change.

We understand this and thereby we focus on individuals rather than a group sermon or a classroom teaching. The opportunities lies in the individuals, the groups can always perform but the dark horses, the shy sheep and the raging bulls are all hidden in the individuals and our training team understands this fairly well and uses proven techniques to bring out the hidden talent within the group and from the individuals. 
Infrastructure and Industry links



The idea takes time and support to get fully developed into a real business and this time period needs a lot of handholding and guidance from the experts, the experts at PIC are all coming from the various industries and diversified work experience at the top positions with specific domain knowledge and skill set that is needed to transform an ordinary looking business idea into a cutting edge technology driven, resourceful industry leader and disruptor. 

At PIC you can find the domain expertise needed to develop a functional, solution-based business model with lean processes and profitability driven operational structure saving initial cost and ensuring easy scaleup.

Events and workshops
The events and activities like workshops, guest lectures, industry visits, expert talks, forums, students bodies discussing startup ideas, cross campus activities and teams and the ‘Young Newton’ program working on the school kids from class 8 to 12 is something unique and differentiate us from the rest of the trainers.

We strongly believe that the activities brings out the best from a brain, its a proven fact established world over through the researches conducted on all age groups and social classes. Making this fact our base, we push for more and more discussions and activities around a topic to bring out the best from the group.





Events like our “IDEA MEET” at the colleges helps the ideas being discussed and selected for development




Funds flow

We are focusing on the local resources for seed funds before taking the project to the angels funding round and VCs, the local business houses, the traders, fund managers and above all the government schemes to initiate the project are our first priority for arranging the initial funds for our best projects and teams. This helps build confidence and boost local ecosystem, we have a large pool of investors ready to help these initiatives at the grass root level even before we seek external help, this helps in realizing our target of developing a local pool of investors as well as completing the cycle of fund security for our local investors.



At PIC, the volunteer from the industry makes sure that the seed funds are utilized in compliance with the industry norms, financial norms and sustainability norms to make every startup a powerful local company and expand organically before demanding more funds for real expansion after complete viability checks and sustaining revenue.


Pitfalls and risk management

The startup is highly vulnerable to pitfalls and risks, it needs proper and periodic risk assessment to go past the initial years of setup, the young entrepreneurs putting their efforts are full of energy and ideas, but all teams does not possess all the skills and here PIC comes as a watch tower in the raging sea of business. We have setup a team of financial consultants who are our guiding force, ready to support the startups at every stage and guide them through the deep pitfalls. They keep a track on the investments being utilized at the right place, they also make sure that the timelines are followed and keep pushing for critical analysis of all big moves and also tightly work to maintain a very healthy balance sheet to face the compliances, audits and investors.

This can only be possible with the experts and therefore we always keep them on toes to monitor and guide.

Marketing and Brand image

It is all in the brand name and as the masters of the game, our team knows this well, we train and retrain our incumbents, the young entrepreneurs and their teams on the importance of their hard work and how it is going to put a lasting impression on their customer’s mind. The value of being a differentiator and the perception of a customer while trying a particular brand for the first time. 

We put a lot of emphasis on the extra effort towards perfection that changes perceptions.

At Polaris Incubation Center we are striving for the best and so are our young entrepreneurs and associated startups, they are working relentlessly in the pursuit of excellence, working for the putting best of India to the rest of the world.