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Love for Languages


With language they can express themselves well.

They can transform into creators and help to make the world a better place. This avatar can spread happiness, tranquility and peace extend help and value emotions.

Love for


With a scientific bent of mind they will love technology, robotics, mechanics, medicine, space, numbers and particles.

This avatar can open new horizons for the human race to live longer and survive.

                                Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think

Prepare them and push them to excel

Polaris educational and cultural trust is working in schools to identify the best of the talents and mold them to become even better, well equipped and ready to face the bigger challenges of life. Our methodology works on the idea of ‘making the best use of the best resources’,

  • Convert them to be the best
  • Transform their skills
  • guide them for the best options

With this methodology we are working with the school kids to engage into one of most important aspects of school life, the creative writing. We observed that essay writing in schools have not moved a bit for ages, the creative bent of mind in few of the very promising kids always yearn for more and thus we have launched our Pencrafters club. to promote writing. Click here to know all about this initiative.

Once they develop the habit of writing in early age, they will not stop, this habit alone can take them places. All government positions are filled by those who are good in writing and expressing themselves, the private sector is also more interested in the people with great skills with pen and there are a lot of avenues which are always looking for persons good with pen like marketing, content creators, copywriters and so on. We also want to work on generation “Z” mind to start thinking more scientifically, learn to solve problems and excel in the fields of research to tackle the global menaces of food security, hunger, environmental issues, global warming, health and next gen technology and for this we are setting up SAM clubs (Science and Maths clubs) in schools.


Only institute in North India offering FREE SAT Coaching!

These kids are also guided to excel in speaking, reading and comprehension. Evidence based reading, absorbing the content, analytical reasoning etc. skills are also worked on to get the best of the kids from schools. 

When these well versed lot reaches their class XI they are guided for admission in their graduation to the best colleges of the world, asked to think beyond AIIMS and IITS because they are the best and if they get a little more support they can easily get admission in the top private colleges of USA, that too for no fee, under merit cum need based scholarship schemes. 

Our target is to take the kids from the urban slums to the Harvard for their graduation, because they really deserve that.

Madarsa Modernization!

Working on a very unique Hub & Spoke model for Madarsa Modernization and engagement.

Under this program, we are proposing to setup a hub in every district and connect all the Madarsas of that district though smart classroom online learning.

20-25 kids really interested to expand themselves to learn Deen o Duniya hand in hand are called for counselling along with their parents and then we form a classroom.

The hub will be connected with all these spoke madarsas with 20-25 promising kids and are tought from the hub location be the best teachers in all three subjects viz English, Mathematics and Science.

These students write class X ad XII exams from their respective boards and then absorbed into 1 year batch to prepare for competitive exams like NEET, JEE and CLAT.

We are trying to use Reliance Jio Embibe smartclass setup to run the classes at the hub location for best learning experience available only to the top schols in India.

Watch out for this space!

we are preparing a roadmap to bring the ideas in very young minds to the world in the field of technology, social sciences and medicine.

Very soon we will have our first “Junior ideathon”

for the schools in UP.

the winning schools will be facilitated to develop state of the art innovation center in collaboration with Polaris.

Young Innovators are on cards!
Schools should keep an eye here.

Polaris Educational and Cultural Trust the parent body of Polaris Academy of Excellence and Polaris Incubation Center is running one of its kind SAT classes for USA college admissions in Graduation. Polaris Incubation Center is the best incubation center in Aligarh, we are working closely with small and regional colleges to provide them the best business incubator in Aligarh. At Polaris Incubator, we work on startup ideas, the ideas those are innovative and can be developed into a real business. We work closely with young entrepreneurs while they are in their college and train them on entrepreneurship skills and motivate them to join the vision of new India with their own startups.  . PAE Stack is employability and entrepreneurship development programs run by Polaris within the colleges as well as outside to make the youth of the region more employable and better placed for entrepreneurship ventures. For more details and information about the programs run by us for schools, colleges and communities please get in touch with us by subscribing to our newsletter.