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Edtech starts yet another boom with Reliance Jio Embibe joining the bull run!

Polaris has tied up with Reliance Jio Embibe edtech to help the schools in the westers UP get the best in education sector.

Reliance jio has entered the edtech industry with the best in class product for schools and competitive coaching by the name of EMBIBE!

Reliance Jio Embibe is the newest kid on the block, with loads of features for kids, parents and school. The new product is highly school centric and takes care of the most pressing needs of the school with the help of AI and latest tech tools supported with 13 patents and 45 publications. Embibe works on exciting and intuitive tech everyday to deliver next generation learning to users.

"We kept the school teachers in the center of our product and focus on empowering schools rather than pushing it to the students directly."


Shadab Khan – Geo Cluster Head, EMBIBE

There are a lots of innovative and new age tools like 

1. smart tagging towards intelligent content

2. Effects of student behavior in learning outcomes

3. Intelligent content ingestion

4. Automated evaluation of free text answer based questions

5. Identifying students learning style

6. Automatic ingestion of content from unstructured data sources

7. Machine learning for outcome improvement and so on to help the teacher prepare, teach and track better and student learn practice and perform better.

All of these patented tools are exclusively available on Reliance Jio Embibe platform that is now growing very fast to become number 1 education platform in the country and also expanding globally. This award winning tool embedded with Artificial Intelligence and resourceful teams of educators, entrepreneurs and industry leaders is going to go a long way.

We must talk about two of its highly powerful and innovative tools helping kids perform better in exams here.


Intelligent content ingestion

This is the ultra modern tech innovation helping the content upgrade real time and real fast. At Embibe all the questions asked in any exam in Bharat at school level across 29 boards in 11 vernacular languages alongwith all the questions asked in all the competitive exams throughout Bharat asked in CUET, NDA, CLAT, NEET, IIT-JEE and government selection exams will be updated real fast to make sure that its largest reservoir of 1.8 million questions stays ahead of the competition.

    Identifying the question types, 
    Typing out the question body information, 
    Formatting mathematical and scientific symbols and notations, 
    Identifying images and diagrams in questions, 
    Extracting the images at the correct resolution, 
    Marking their locations in the questions with image tags, 
    Listing out the answer options for single and multiple-answer choice question types, 
    Recording the correct answer choice if provided, and 

Recording miscellaneous information like answer explanations, hints, and/or tips to solve the question if present in the source document. 

Identifying student's learning style

Learning styles are theories that describe individual learning method preferences regarding how we prefer to learn and how we retain information most effectively.

Identifying your learning style requires recognising how you tend to learn most effectively. You can use this information to your advantage when studying by employing effective learning strategies, such as writing out notes, constructing mind maps, using models, and reciting aloud. This can facilitate classroom learning and exam preparation.

Understanding Types of Learning Styles


There are many theories and models describing how students best process information. These preferences for certain kinds of input and processing are often called ”learning styles.”

There are seven predominant learning styles:

  1. Visual-spatial
  2. Auditory
  3. Verbal-linguistic
  4. Physical-kinesthetic
  5. Logical-mathematical
  6. Social-interpersonal
  7. Solitary-intrapersonal

Students can exhibit the characteristics of more than one learning style. Over time and with careful observation, you’ll see which types of input and activities they most prefer. 

This will help you create a classroom environment and lesson plans that better meet your student’s learning needs.

For more information on the product please whatsapp western UP number 8979795303