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How to apply to US universities from India?


 is by far the strongest choice of all Indian aspirants looking for a foreign degree.  However, they strive for the information at every step once they start thinking. We at Polaris are supporting them with the genuine and timely advice regarding their choice of subject, the universities offering the subject of choice, the expenses associated, the visa requirement, scholarships available and so on.

The application process for most of the universities are more or less the same, however, there must be a separate element for the application process for each of the universities. It varies between different study programs and levels. Students are generally not aware of the appropriate application process for applying to universities in the USA and Canada.


Before applying students should know about the timelines and schedules.  When are the deadlines? What are the intakes for US universities? When a student can go for studying there?

Intake or admissions happens twice in the US universities, these are called “Intake Season” fall and spring. The major intake season for the top courses in the US is in September, while the minor intake season is January, which is meant for a fairly small number of courses.

The session starts mainly in September and January but some institutions have intakes in May, July, and October as well. 

It depends on what course you are looking to pursue because many courses don’t have the January intakes.

If you are looking to get admission into vocational courses, then some courses may have admissions open in January and perhaps even May or July.