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10th graders: Clear confusion on stream selection!

‘Highschool’is by far the most talked about exam on Indian soil, rightly so, because corporates check your schooling to get the answers to the basic questions regarding your thought process, your commitment, your language skills, and your etiquettes, the government check your date of birth from this certificate and last but not the least your further studies depends upon the grades you’ve got moreover it also got your genes into it showing your commitment to do something remarkable on your own, Being the first challenge the life throws at you, how well you faced it and how good your performed in the first ever target given to you by your parents.

All covered in your high school marksheet. That is the reason it is always asked, throughout your educational life and beyond because people tends to make judgements and they need a base. So be careful and extra vigilant if you are running for writing your high school board exam this year, your grades are going to become your signature for coming years.

What after X?

But a lot of students are confused about their life beyond class X, because they are facing one of the biggest dilemma of their life, the most difficult choice for many, as it seems yet easy if passed through a process of selection depending upon few personality traits and personal likings and dislikings, keep aside the peer pressure and society.

In an effort to become doctors, thousands of students take the NEET exam each year likewise another lacs write JEE for getting into IITs. Lots of these are writing the exams just for pleasing their parents, they themselves know well that they are not prepared for this prestigious exam. Many pupils don’t know what they want to pursue after Class 12 at this time. This could be directly related to selecting the incorrect topics after Class 10. Your entire career could be shaped by the stream you decide to pursue after the tenth grade.

There may be some who are not happy with their class 11 and 12 topics. As a result, many students decide to switch their majors once they complete Class 12.

Let’s look at some advice to assist you choose the right stream after Class 10 to clear up all this confusion. 

Education is the key to unlocking the world, it is the passport to your freedom.

Knowing the streams that are available is the first step in doing that. Finally, investigate the career options in each stream and select the best fit. Here are some ideas to aid you in your decision-making. Let’s also talk about the factors you shouldn’t take into account while selecting a stream.

Remember: Knowledge is power | Know Available Streams/Subjects

In CBSE, students can choose a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 subjects. Usually, there are 4 to 5 main subjects and the students have to choose an optional subject.

Here, let’s have a look at the subjects available under different streams.

Humanities: Language (English, Hindi, Regional) Social Science (History, civics, Geography, Economics, Polity) Arts (Optional depending upon schools)

They can venture into Languages, History, Archeology, Political Science, Psychology, Anthropology, Social work, Geography, Geology, Performing art (Music, dance, drama, painting etc.), Physical education and much more.

Commerce: Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, English

They can venture into MBA, MFC, MCom, Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS) and Accountancy.

Science: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English, Optional 

For both engineering and medical batches physics, chemistry, English and optional subjects are same but they have a choice between Mathematics (PCM) or Biology (PCB)

Apart from engineering and medical they can be aspired to become scientists in their field of interest, the most sought after and respected profession. They can also venture into innovation and modern technology like AI, ML and Nano.

Choose your career with Polaris ConsultationSecond is to look for the career options available to them:

We often asks kids in their young years about their future, what they want to be, and they speak through their bright eyes about their fascination, they look around and speak out to become astronauts, footballer, Virat Kohli and so on. This charm vanishes out in a few years and somehow they forget what they want to become when they were young. 

While in class X it becomes really practical to understand once again, “what I want to be?”

To find the answer we need to get an exposure into the real world and see what options do I have to choose from and what is it that really excites me to pick for myself. Here are few of the main career options and domains where you can land after your studies:


Stream PCB

Medicine –> Doctor –> Specialist in heart, kidney, skin, eye, general, surgery, bone, nerves and so on.

Dentist, Nursing, Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, and Scientist.

Stream PCM with Computers optional

Computer Science –> BCA –> MCA  –> Data Analyst, Cyber Security, Product design, Industrial Design, Other Designing, Animation, Game and Graphics developer, Software Developer, Technical writer and Content writer etc.

Stream PCM – Engineering

Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Civil, Thermal, Aeronautics, environmental, Architecture, Petrochemical, Software, Robotics etc)

Stream PCM –  Non Computers & Non Engineering

Aviation, Defense, Merchant Navy, Designing, Software, Nanotechnology, Atomic research, Subatomic research, Scientist etc.


Chartered Accountant (CA), ICWA, FCA, Financial consultant, Stock marketer, Insurance, Private equity, venture capital, Bank, PO, Actuary etc.


Arts Stream: Languages, Language translator, content writers, content creators, authors, editors and performing arts

Social Science Stream: Law, Paralegal, Clinical, Counseling, Sports, Psychology, Journalism, PR, Advertising, Hospitality, Events Management, international relations, Interior designing, Fashion designing, jewelry designing, Digital marketing, Sales, Marketing, Commercial artists, content developers.

Few of the streams are interchangeable, except the core mathematics fields where mathematics upto class XII is important, and therefore we suggest to read mathematics till class XII and stay in control.

Find your interest now!

Now its time to look inside yourself to find out what is your purpose of living, what you want to achieve and how can you benefit the society and community from your sheer existence. The answer to this question will solve all the knots and bring in clarity.

Don’t look at your class IX score card (marksheet) because the subject where you scored highest may not be your future, also forget the fame and money that is associated with either of the profession, because it is only for selected few, the best ones. 

For example, we have only few top doctors in town, rest all are also doctors, but few are really good. similarly we have many start in Bollywood, but only few are really good and so on, so trying to be the best in what you do is the key not the profession itself.

Your life is going to be shaped on your one decision therefore stay in the real world, understand that the pinnacle of any career can be touched only after spending few long years in that, you can get excited by the success of Sundar Pichai as heading one of the largest organization worldwide, but his journey is something that should be adhered to and admired. 

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