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International student’s guide to education in USA.


nited States is one of the most Diverse, mature, advance and safe place especially for students. It has no racism, zero tolerance to partiality and most advanced in terms of educational environment, facilities and teachers.

Students from India, like any other international student feels safe, secure and satisfied after landing in any university in the USA.  If you are considering to study in the US, your choice needs no validation as the US is considered the best study abroad destination.

We at are citing more than one reason to back your judgement and make you aware on the aspects that makes US number one destination for International students. Logically so, 70% of all Indian students studying out of India are in USA alone and remaining 30% are in all other places combined.

Your decision to study in the US is awesome and these are few facts and aspects those will help you strengthen your decision. In this “International student’s guide to USA education”  we will take you through a guided tour and make you aware of everything that you need to know for going to the US for studies. We will talk about Universities in the Ivy League, other popular universities, admission procedures, fooding and lodging in the vicinity of the college, lifestyle and may also find out the number of Indian students enrolled in each.

Courses you may choose

The universities in the US offer a very diverse and modern range of college as well as higher education options compared to any other country in the world. With such depth in the range for learning opportunities, you always find something really interesting to pick for yourself.

Few of the universities in the US even customize a few of their running courses for international students and their specific needs..

Studying abroad is the single, most effective way to start thinking globally

Flexibility of timing, schedule courses and even university

You may have heard of someone changing their field of studies during or after their first year of graduation.. It is really very common to change stream, course and even university in some cases if you have good grades in the first two years. Most institutions/colleges accept credits from other universities for the same course. So it is not necessary to complete your studies from the same college from where you started. You may choose to change college to finish your degree. With this flexibility, students gets an opportunity to transfer their credits to a higher-ranked institution, given if they have good enough grades.

Also students who are planning to join an undergraduate course but are still not sure about their major can apply for the program and choose their major later. Also, students have the choice to pick credits from other departments of their interest.

Extend Your Network

This is very common with all major colleges and universities abroad, the Alumni network and the college boards are really working very hard for placements and students exchange programs.

Networking is anyways very important part of every students advancement and finding the right connections within their network leads them to further heights in their career.  International living or work experience makes you multilingual and gets you a huge advantage over other people in the job market. At American universities and also other international universities, the chances of you coming across well-known industry names are very high. These connections are crucial in the initial years after college to hand hold you on the career path.

Diversity and Reach

USA is a highly diverse culturally and ethnically. You may find people from all parts of the world living there happily and forming their own self-help groups, small communities and are well connected with the people of the same background yet at the same time are unbiased and helping. You may come across Mexicans, Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Indians, British, Arabs, Africans etc all nationalities and all races. They vary at large but share a common ground that they live in USA and are all love and respect that. There is a very strong Indian community in the US and you may find them in almost all the US cities in all walks of life.

You may choose to study at a large public university or a small private university.

The USA is a multiracial society that is still absorbing immigrants that makes it a continuous melting pot of communities and cultures; an experience that will enrich your understanding of the world.

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