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Generate Startup Ideas with this amazing technique

Everyone has got an idea, this is an old saying, but when it comes to a realistic business idea, we all are trying to push ourselves to find one real good idea to work on and we systematically keep discussing all our ideas with our friends and colleagues during office breaks, in restaurants and in casual meetings. Why is it that we find that we often find ourselves hit by a new brand, new business commercial or a newsletter and upon getting into it we are shocked to see our brains creation, that we used to discuss with our group is perfectly executed by someone, in some other town, never met us or any in our group…

This happens with everyone discussing ideas, the other group is happy with what they are doing, but there is a third group who are still searching for an idea, they are waiting for their ‘eureka moment’ and still wondering that nothing great is coming to their mind and how.

So what factors are important to find an idea? how to train our mind to work in the direction of finding an idea and what is a business idea in itself?

The ‘Idea’

The book definition of an idea is basically “A plan or suggestion, in the field we are thinking” It could be a concept, thought, notion or impression.


The evolution of the humans and other species happened through the process of selective behavior, it was a mere a trial and error that taught our forefathers to survive in the toughest of the conditions this planet had. They learned from the continuous experiments during their times, a deadly snake, a ferocious predator, a poisonous herb, the teeth, the claws, the thorns and bushes, all took hundred of lives of our ancestors thereby paving the way for the others to beware of them all.

The failure during those days often lead to end of life, only the quickest used to survive, “RUN” a scream in their language from any of them was enough for all of them to escape, the one who looked around to find the reason for running had perhaps became the meal of the danger and extinct from the gene pool. We kept learning from our surroundings and thereby became more and more powerful, evolved into the strongest of the species to rule this planet and use all the other species for our own benefit.

Snake’s venom to cure snake bite, leaves to cure wounds, roots for cough and cold all were thought through centuries to be available to us in the form of tablets today.

It is the Execution of the idea that matters, not the idea itself

The though process of a human being is so evolved that it is now possible to visit neighboring planets, which were earlier thought to be stars, or our ancestors in the sky.

Creative approach to every thought

Start thinking deep into everything you come across with, this is the most important ingredient of the idea to start generating in your minds, from waking up in your bed to returning back, you encountered thousands of items, machines, people, systems & processes and problems associated with everything mentioned. These problems are the mother of all new ideas, it is an old saying that:

Necessity is the mother of inventions

Think about the solutions, the ideas will start flowing.

All these items, machines, systems and people are having or are facing problems, in whatever sphere of life they are, they are struggling with something or the other, these problems are opportunities for an evolved mind to deep dive into them and solve them for profit, and that is the simplest business model.

Flipkart helped people get everything sitting in the comfort of their homes, at the same or better price than market, saved time, energy, bargaining efforts, commuting cost and ensures quality and smooth return, what else an old man sitting in his home wants, he can now buy anything he needs from a simple click on him mobile phone.

Develop a habit of looking around slowly and deeply, learn to focus.

You have a lot of information all around you, within your home, workplace, neighborhood, streets, parks, streets and so on, simply looking around with empty mind means nothing, when you look at the things, think like a businessman, a person interested in buying it, or selling it or making it.

For example you walk in a park and looked at a bench, can you make this bench? can you improve its design, what components goes in making this single piece? where can you find the material for making it, what price it is selling in the market, pick up your mobile phone and see various options of similar bench available on the internet and their prices, is it really this much? how much the manufacturer or maker making in this bench if he is selling to the park directly, and what if he sells with a middle man and so on. What if I become a middle man myself and start trading it, I can buy it from the manufacturer at my own negotiated price and start selling this in my own city, to the nearby parks and other societies. You keep working out the possibilities related to the manufacturing, trading and designing of that bench and in less than 15 minutes of this simple exercise your mind stays in a business mode.

These 15 minutes will make you tired and you will feel exhausted because in the beginning your mind is still not passively doing all these calculations and assessments, you are putting energy into it and that is exhausting you, but gradually, with practice, within 2-3 months your mind will start rolling in this direction and you will see that the brain activity has increased tremendously, tiring you but benefitting you in many ways.

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