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Dreaming about Ivy League colleges post XII: Read this if you dont have money

HYBPCDPC Abbreviation for Harvard-Yale-Brown-Penn-Columbia-Dartmouth-Princeton-Cornell, together these constitute the Ivy league of colleges in the USA. The best of the best in the whole world, a dream destination for getting your graduation degree, but do you think getting there would be impossible without money…?

The Ivy League or a group of the top 8 research universities of the north east America performing far above the rest in terms of academic performance and sports & extra-curricular activities. These universities are consistently producing the best of the entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers, writers and reformers.

These along-with the other top universities of the USA like MIT, Stanford, Chicago, California, Dukes, John Hopkins, North-western, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Washington and Rice completes the list of top 20 universities in the USA and most of these falls in the world’s elite list with higher points than Doxbridge on the UK, C9 league of China and Imperial colleges list of Japan.

Most of these universities have undergraduate intake of more than 4000 (upto 15000) and they have a very generous endowment fund running into Billions of USD to support students programs, research activities, education and scholarships.


How to enter these prestigious universities if our father don’t have millions!

Education is the right of the learner, USA is world’s number one country not because of anything else, but its people, they continuously attract the best global talent from all over, and that is the reason they stays on the top. To attract the best talent they opened the gates of the universities to take in the top class students under merit cum need based scholarships schemes, so that if anyone with great calibre, creativity, credentials applies to them he/she must never be left out due to lack of fee, but must be grabbed for the abundance of talent.

They conduct SAT exams multiple times in a year to attract talented students apply in their universities, from my experience I can tell you that if you had scored 95% marks in your ninth, tenth and eleventh class exams, you are one of the top contender for these seats, irrespective of your families annual income, especially for people in India where the annual incomes for most of the middle class falls well in the acceptable bracket, you need not to worry about the finances part.

Your next step is to work hard on your writing skills and creativity, get your vocabulary to as high as 5000 words in your class tenth and your reading speed must exceed 350 words per minute. Second important thing is to work on your analytical skills, keep practicing mathematics, check SAT syllabus online and understand the topics that you have not studied in your class tenth, because there are certain topics which are not taught in Indian education system upto class tenth, these are easy topics but are not part of our school system, although few of these are taught in our class eleventh and twelfth while few (like commercial maths) are taught in professional courses.

These preparation and qualities will help you write the SAT exam with ease, and if you can score 1550+ with a good and creative essay, you have a very good chance of landing in the university of your choice, that too for FREE.

We are Polaris Academy are relentlessly searching for the best of talent in Aligarh area to train them and equip them with all that is required to sail through, please get in touch with us if you are in your class 9, 10 or 11 for more details.