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Business consulting services for startups

We help the ideas transform into real business.

Polaris Incubation Center is one of its kind platform for the budding entrepreneurs helping them realize their dreams through planning and execution of the business ideas in various fields, there are services helping the new businesses as well to perform well in the highly dynamic and volatile market conditions and we also have market ready business ideas to take over as a project and work to succeed.

We also help in mergers and acquisitions of existing businesses at the very local level and also help in aligning resources for expansion and franchise distribution.

Get the edge with Polaris’ professional services and take your business to the next level. Our team of Industry experts from various fields can guide you through the tough process of setting up a robust organization, its functional areas, running the critical tests and parameters, adjusting financial models and updating your business plan for sure success.

The experts on your side is a boon

No business can flourish unless properly funded and managed, we help you at every stage of your business to help you avoid pitfalls and run a lean model with highest efficiencies, the action plans are designed to give you an edge over your competition and utilize your potential to the maximum.

  • Starting from a 3 years financial plans and broad lavers to get you there is the key to venture, setting up these correctly can guarantee the success beyond the first three years, because 90% of the businesses fails in their first three years.
  • We get your inside out and outside in analysis to ensure the product market fingerprint. Find the right fit.
  • Define your pivots and your turns well in advance and at the same time plan your major leaps and workout the opportunities along with the fitment of capabilities.
  • Defining your strategic targets and the possible alternatives to reach there.
  • Finally your resources to be adjusted and aligned in a well synchronized manner to support your major leaps well in advance.
  • Funds management to support these turns on the right time.

Without working these out properly in advance the businesses are most likely to fall flat way before being presentable to the first round of funding to the investors and scale up operations.

Get yourselves accustomed to these critical aspects with Polaris Incubation Center and its accelerator program.

All the best for your BIG MOVE!